Broadcast Television Services of Austin, Texas


Pelican cased system includes:
Sony VX1000 miniDV digital video camera. Shoots video and stills.
Amphibico VX1000 marine housing with external controls.
Amphibico 3.5” external color monitor with external bright and contrast control.
Pair of Nocturnal TL35 lights with canister battery and diffusion.
Pair of Sea-Lite extension arms and joints.
6 Sony InfoLithium batteries.
3 battery chargers for camera and monitor and one for lights.
4 64 minute Mini DV tapes.
Sony DVDirect for transferring miniDV to DVD.
Miscellaneous cables,O-ring kit and spare bulbs.
This is a complete underwater video camera set up. When assembled it weighs roughly 25lbs, and underwater it is nearly neutrally buoyant. It is very stable underwater. The external monitor is a nice touch because you can see what you’re shooting while keeping your peripheral vision unblocked. It also comes with an expandable leash so you can clip it to your BCD.
The functions you can operate underwater are. Power up and down. Record and standby. Manual focus and auto focus. Manual or auto iris. Zoom and on screen menu. White balance, AE settings. Shutter and menu screen. It also has a lever to engage the polarizing filter.