Broadcast Television Services of Austin, Texas


Each project requires varied and specific equipment. From single camera interviews to multi camera entertainment programs, we provide what is necessary. Specialized and available equipment include studios, camera cranes, dollies, steady cams, HMI's, fog machines, etc. Primarily working in BetacamSP and DVCam we have a wide access to HD, film, analog and digital formats as well.

Single Camera Shooting

We currently use a Sony DXC D30 WS digital camera. It is 4:3 - 16:9 switchable with 850 lines horizontal and will provide great pictures through the transition to HDTV. On the front of the camera is the Fujinon Pegasus II (14X9) with 2x extender. Lens filters are Promist #1, Circular Polarizer, #3 fog and 8 point star. We can mount either a Sony PVV3 BetacamSP deck or a Sony DSR-1 DVcam deck on it. Field equipment includes a Sachtler 14II tripod, Studio controls and view finder, Sony PVM 8041Q monitor, LTM Cyan Pepper light kit including a Lowel DP head with Chimera, Frezzi ENG light and miscellaneous gels, filters and C stands. Audio support includes a Lectrosonics UHF wireless body pack & cube, 4 Milli mics, Electro Voice RE50 handheld mic, Audio Technica 815A shotgun mic with zeppelin, 2 Windjammer wind socks and Vdb boom pole. Fast and well traveled equipment for rush news, as well as carefully textured interviews and scenics.


We also purchased a underwater rig that is good to 100'. Here is a short demo shot in Puerto Vallarta and San Marcos Springs.


Multi Camera Shooting

I do more multicamera shoots than single camera shoots these days. I usually double task as director and engineer. I usually match the cameras the day before an event with CCUs and scope for proper set up. I direct live music mostly but also do worldcasts and quarterly meetings.



We have three edit systems and all are portable for use outside the office. Both Non Linear edit systems are Macintosh based and feature Final Cut Pro HD. The large system includes a 32 inch LCD monitor and a 13 inch Sony studio monitor, AJA Kona capture system, shuttle pro 2, RS422 and firewire machine control, batch capturing, real time effects, time code, After Effects, Boris and Photoshop. The smaller system is a 17" G4 notebook designed for greater portability and quality editing. NLE support includes Sony DSR 40 DVcam, Sony UVW 1600 & 1800 BetacamSP decks, and access to all digital formats. Copy camera, PVM 1351Q studio monitor, Mackie 1402 VLZ audio board, dbx 166A compressor and Digitech TSR24S digital effects. I have several portable hard drives to handle many projects. The laptop system paired with the DVcam studio deck is what we used to produce the statewide coverage for the Chris Bell for Governor campaign. We literally edited on the road while driving to the uplink facilities.

We also have the old and trusty portable component cuts only BetacamSP editing system for VNR editing. It is designed to edit on location or while driving to the uplink. This system includes Sony UVW 1600 & 1800 BetacamSP decks, Sony PVE 500 edit controller, Sony PVM 1351Q & PVM 8041Q monitors and a Mackie 1402 VLZ3 audio board.