Broadcast Television Services of Austin, Texas


Cyan Light Kit

The versatile LTM Cyan light kit features four Fresnel heads, two Pepper 100s and two 420s. I usually keep 200w FEVs in the 100s which give plenty of light for their small size. Each head includes sturdy stands, barndoors and three piece scrim set. For the key light I chose the Lowel DP head (not pictured) (1000w, 750w or 500w) with a Chimera and a stand that can extend to eight and a half feet. Peripherals include ceiling mounts, dimmers, Flex Fill reflectors and practically every color gel and diffusion density.
This 5 head light kit provides the luxury of instrument choice for key, rim, eye, fill and background lighting. All this in a compact, aircraft approved hard case on wheels weighing 63 pounds.