Broadcast Television Services of Austin, Texas

Producing Services

We offer turn key services starting at concept and preproduction through principle photography and post editing for uplinked or shipped distribution. Many of our clients appreciate our in house production services and enjoy not having to deal with outside vendors. We pride ourselves in providing a creative and collaborative atmosphere with our clients to get them involved in the process.
We have also worked hard to increase our portability so we can edit anywhere a client wishes. We can edit in our vehicle for rush news, at our office or your office. Our systems can also provide incredible CGI and animation effects with the table top space you'd require for lunch. We look at it as good clean fun! An example would be the same day state wide coverages we provide for political races. Called VNRs (video news release) we shoot an event, edit on the way to an uplink facility and send across the state in time for local news stations to personalize the story with their talent.

Client Services

For clients that provide their own creative services we provide production services to accentuate their goals. For example, an ad agency might have a project already written and story boarded when they call us. We step in at preproduction and provide whatever production services are required.

Support Services

When we are not producing our own videos we often work with other television production companies who are working on their own projects. These are specialized tasks we assume such as director, camera operator or editor for example. We always look forward to these situations because it allows us to collaborate with our competition for the overall look of the project. It also helps to keep us appraised of the talent pool.